Techno music

Today’s techno music has come a long way from where it started. With so many different sub-genres of techno like house, acid, and electronic dance music (EDM), you may be surprised about its humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan. 

Whether you are just getting into techno or have been a hardcore raver for some time now, allow Lady Tazz to take you through the evolution of techno music. As someone who lives and breathes the electronic scene and party lifestyle, she knows the ins and outs of techno songs and the most popular techno DJs. Hate to brag but DJ Tazz definitely lives up to her hype. With several years of producing and performing, she has perfected her sound which features dark hypnotic synths, ethereal vocals, pristine beats, and spikes of acid. To say the least, she creates one of a kind, immersive experiences for her listeners. DJ Tazz is here today to give you the big picture on techno music and act as a guide on your journey. If you are still curious about Lady Tazz, check out her full bio to uncover all that has led her up to this point.

Techno music

Origins of techno music

As a good place to start, let us first define what is techno as many can confuse it with other types of music. To put simply, techno songs are created with electronic instruments as opposed to traditional instruments used in other genres like Jazz or R&B. Instead of a guitar or piano, techno DJs produce music through synthesizers and drum machines which gives it that distinct and hypnotic sound that fans know and love.

But where and when did techno music actually come out? It is difficult to trace techno back to its exact origins; however, many approximate it emerged in the 1970s and really got its foundation in the late 1980s. Early techno music was largely influenced by European artists including Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and C.J. Bolland. After a few years, techno became more established once Detroit’s very own Belleville Three distinguished the music genre for how we know techno songs nowadays.

origin of techno

The 1985 song “No UFO’s” ignited the age of techno and was the catalyst for many artists to become future techno DJs. Techno music’s popularity grew in many cities across the United States such as Chicago and New York where each city elevated it with their own flair creating countless different sub-genres. That’s not to forget to mention techno’s international presence especially in Berlin, Germany. Whether you are at a nightclub, rave, or music festival, techno will be thrown into the playlist in its many shapes and sizes. Techno songs whether in its true Detroit styling or one of its evolved forms like dubstep are a staple of modern music and pop culture.

Elements of techno songs

By having a better understanding on how techno got to where it is today, you will have a greater appreciation for it the next you are jamming out on your headphones or dancing at a concert. Along with Lady Tazz’s extensive time working with radio stations, she graduated from the London Sound Academy proving the best DJs mix passion with education. So go show off your newfound knowledge of the origins of techno music.

But with how far techno has evolved, how do you know you are listening to techno songs? Most techno music has recognizable characteristics that it, in its purest form, and its sub-genres share. First, let us discuss the instruments involved. As previously mentioned, electronic instruments and equipment are used to produce the music. It would not be techno if a drum machine, bassline generator, keyboard, or sequencer were not used. Each device may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but trust DJ Tazz in that you have definitely heard their sounds played by your favorite techno DJs.

Next, the rhythm of techno music is a distinguishable factor. The beats of a song are usually in a 4/4 time and played at a tempo between 120 to 150 bpm. It would not be techno if it was not making your heart race and feet move.

The last element of techno songs is repetition. Techno DJs compose many songs with looping techniques focused on repeating the bassline and/or drumbeat while adding in their own twists of synth, melodies, or samples. In fact, most DJs improvise their songs during live performances so every version may be a whole new experience. DJ Tazz is known for and built her fanbase through regular live-stream DJ sets with Solaris Radio. She always explores new ways to create powerful and meaningful songs.

Best techno DJs

No one techno song will be exactly the same to another which is why the genre is so interesting and vastly growing. Innovative musicians enter the industry to debut a new, hot take on techno music each day. Although, there is an almost guarantee these techno DJs utilize some or all the elements we just covered. With so much availability and plenty of access to several artists these days, finding your favorite DJs will be a thrilling trip.

Best techno DJ

Where to start you might be asking? Browse through the many sub-genres of techno music and see what suits your fancy. Do not be hesitant to try something you are not used to as the discovery is the best part of the adventure. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will surely find something you were not expecting and love it. And try finding something for all the occasions from partying down to a relaxation session. Even more, ask your friends or family members for their recommendations on techno songs and DJs. Or go online and strike up a conversation or forum and see what other users are listening to.

From a young age, Lady Tazz has pioneered techno music and has been on the forefront of its evolution. It goes without saying that she has been lavishly recognized for her contributions through being the first person in Bangladesh to receive the Silver YouTube Button award for radio and nomination for best digital radio personality at the New York Radio Awards. If you are looking for an unstoppable, fearless, and sexy DJ, look no further and view DJ Tazz’s latest features and news