Nothing beats the electric feeling of being in a techno club: lights flashing, music blaring, and smiles everywhere. It is a great place to make new friends and let loose. Now that the world is starting to return to normal, we can all experience the pure joy that comes hand in hand with being at a techno club. No matter what country you reside in, chances are there are some great techno clubs near you! In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best techno venues around the world, so you can have your very own techno experience! Now, put on your most funky outfit and get ready for the time of your life. 

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Best Clubs in the World

Like most places, a good club can be hard to find. There are techno venues, however, that never fail to disappoint. Without further adieu, here are ten of the most popular techno music venues across the globe. 

  1. Contact- Contact is a techno club located in Tokyo, Japan. They opened in 2016 and have been a very popular venue since then. Contact is located in the Shibuya O-East concert hall in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. When you visit this techno club, you are guaranteed to forget about all of your worries. It guarantees a great experience and disconnects you from any real-world anxieties you might be experiencing. At Contact, there is a bar and a dance floor on two separate halls. On the dance floor, the use of cellphones is forbidden. This is the case because they want people to take the time to disconnect from the real-world and make in-person connections. While many people enjoy the limitations, some find them too constricting. If you are someone that wants to disconnect from their cell phone, this is the perfect location for you. 
  2. Faust- Faust is located in Seoul,North Korea and has been a very popular techno venue since 2001. Faust was founded out of a passion for electronic music and serves as a resource for people to explore new friends, music, and DJs. They are centered around new experiences. They understand that dance floors are magical places and encourage people to come together and share moments of joy. In addition to fostering new connections, Faust is also one of the few techno venues to offer a rooftop space for guests. 
  3. Concrete- Concrete is located in Paris, France and has been in existence since 2011. Concrete is the place to go if you are someone that likes to go to techno venues during the day and at night! They are most well known for their annual 28-hour party called ‘Samedimanche’. When this runs, it starts on Saturday at 11PM and runs until Monday morning at 2AM. So, if you’re looking for a long party that goes all day and all night, Concrete might be the place for you!
  4. Ministry of Sound- Ministry of Sound is located in London, United Kingdom and is a popular spot for techno music. Unlike many other techno venues, Ministry of Sound is a true techno corporation that was founded in 1991. This occurred when techno music was in its beginnings in Britain. Many hidden techno talents are discovered at the Ministry of sound. Overall, it is known for having some of the best DJs in the whole entire world. 
  5. DC-10- DC-10 is located in Ibiza, Spain, or the mecca of techno dancers. It is a small farmhouse located near Ibiza’s airport runway. According to those that have spent time at DC-10, it is known for its wild techno parties. In contrast to other techno venues, DC-10 does little to no advertising for their events, so it operates on spoken word from other people. The venue is the perfect way to spend a day or night in Ibiza. 
  6. Nowadays- Nowadays is located in New York in the United States of America. Unlike the other venues on this list, Nowadays is a very open venue with greenery surrounding the dance floor. For those of you that can appreciate both nature and techno music, this is the perfect venue for you! In addition to having beautiful surroundings, they also have Mister Sunday parties that last from 3 to 9PM. 
  7. Goa- Goa is a techno venue that is located in Rome, Italy. According to those that have spent time in Goa, any description provided does not do justice. The venue is decorated beautifully and inspired by the “Indian Mansion of an English Lord”. Its extravagant decorations draw people in from across the globe. Inside, there are rich tapestries, incense, polished furniture, and ornate trinkets. It goes without saying that this venue is definitely different from its counterparts. 
  8. Macarena- Macarena is a techno venue located in Barcelona, Spain. It is most famous for its limited capacity because it can only hold 80 people in the whole entire venue. Needless to say, this venue is very intimate and you are guaranteed to make new friends. The DJ is positioned in the middle of the floor and techno lovers can dance around the DJ while in this venue. 
  9. Sub Club- Sub Club is a techno venue located in Glasgow, Scotland. It is arguably Scotland’s most famous electronic music venue. In 2006, Sub Club installed one of the world’s largest bodysonic dance floors, which allows people to feel music through their feet from speakers on the floor. Not only is this very different from many other clubs, but it also enhances the listening experience. 
  10. Closer- Closer is a popular techno venue located in Kiev, Ukraine. It is especially unique compared to its counterparts because it is located in an old factory. Along with being a venue for techno music, it is also an art center as well as a concert venue. The versatility provides techno lovers with a different take on a techno music venue. 

Lady Tazz


If you are interested in techno music, check out Lady Tazz. Lady Tazz is a talented DJ from Bangladesh and an enthusiast of the techno and party scene. Her sound is unlike anything else and Radio Intense goes as far to describe it as “dark hypnotic synths, ethereal vocals, and pristine beats”. Lady Tazz performs across the globe and is beloved by many. 

It is officially time to start living life to the fullest again! If you are a lover of techno music and social gatherings, we suggest that you check out any of these venues. There is no better way to experience all of the excitement that life has to offer.